Recital Hall

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About S’way Recital Hall

Established in 2023, S’way Concert Hall is committed to fostering a platform for professional musicians and emerging artists in Hong Kong to thrive and excel. While the Concert Hall harbours a diverse and stellar spectrum of genres and repertoires, it will also be a home for a wide variety of chamber music collaborations, nurturing up-and-coming talents and rising stars from local and international conservatories and universities. With our venue support initiative, they engage in long-term cultivation of artistic depth and breadth. S’way Recital Hall is an amalgam of prestige and versatility. A home for a wide array of music activities, our Recital Hall is privileged with a brilliant collection of a Steinway Piano B Spirio R, professional audiovisual recording set-ups and monitoring systems. With the best interior acoustics, some 100 incoming members of the audience would savour an exclusive and exceptional experience of music appreciation, finding their oases in this electrifying metropolis.


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