Oriental Russian Soul

3rd June 2023 (Sat), 8pm

KaJeng Wong – Piano


Sergei Rachmaninoff:
Etude-tableaux, Op. 33, No. 2
Moment musicaux, Op. 16, No. 4
Prelude, Op. 32, No. 10
Prelude, Op. 32, No. 5
Moment musicaux, Op. 16, No. 6

Tchaikovsky: Aveu passionné
Shostakovich: Prelude and Fugue No. 4 in E minor
Stravinsky: The Firebird

Scriabin: Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op. 9
Rachmaninoff: Prelude, Op. 32, No. 13

Approx. 1 hour 25 mins, without intermission


From a tsarist empire to an autocratic union, the Russian soil witnessed an immense shift of ideologies within a couple of decades, yet the Far East sensations in Russian music survived intact. When the country’s composers opted between quiet retreat and one-way departure, it was the oriental spirit and idyllic lifestyle inherently vested in the romantic melodies and colossal orchestrations that accompanied their westbound journeys: While Tchaikovsky’s Avec Passionne reminded the world of grandiosity, Rachmaninov breathed a sigh of melancholy in a series of succinct piano works. Shostakovich channelled his muted wit into Prelude and Fugue, whereas Strainvsky set free his stunning Firebird in Paris and Scriabin paid his vibrant, lightly soaring tribute to a world-war amputee. In this full Russian programme, KaJeng Wong savours with you oriental Russian soul.

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