Reverberance – 彈弦韻 鼓簧聲

14th October 2023 (Sat), 8pm

Judy Ho Ching Man (Harp)
Loo Sze-wang (Sheng)


1. Dusk by the fishing boat (漁舟唱晚), ancient Chinese melody, arranged by Phil Young (楊智華編曲)
2. Haru no Umi by M.Miyagi trans. A. Yashiro (春之海 宮成道雄曲)
3. Harpicide at midnight by Pearl Chertok
4. Schindler’s list (舒特拉的名單) by John Williams, arranged by Loo Sze Wang (約翰-威廉斯作曲,盧思泓改編)
5. Snowy mountain in spring (雪山春曉) by Ge Sang Da Ji and Fan Shang’e, arranged by Loo Sze Wang (范上娥、格桑達吉作曲,盧思泓改編)


6. Rêverie (幻想曲) by Claude Debussy (德布西)
7. Yuki no Hana by Ryoki Matsumoto, arr. Loo Sze Wang (雪之華 松本良喜曲,盧思泓改編)
8. Histoire du Tango (探戈的歷史) by Astor Piazzolla (皮耶佐拉)
i. Bordello, 1900
ii. Cafe, 1930
iii. Nightclub 1960
iv. Modern-Day Concert


Approx. duration: 1 hour 10 mins, with intermission

琴弦震動起伏,笙簧顫動穿透,音色既古亦今,演繹別樹一幟。 豎琴演奏家何靜文,笙演奏家盧思泓,一如既往,穿越界限,遨遊世界,從東方古曲,到南美探戈,與眾共享音樂之旅。 弦上韻,簧中謠,相牽引,互交纏 ; 琴笙相暉映,弦韻簧中牽。
The intertwining reverberance created by the vibration of harp strings and the sheng reeds will leave the audience feeling mesmerized. Together, they represent the sound of the past and present. Harpist Judy Ho and Sheng master Loo Sze Wang will take on a journey around the world. They will perform music of various styles, from Chinese ancient melody to Argentine Tangos and many more.


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