Songs without Words – Brian Chan solo concert

26th May 2023 (Fri), 6pm

Brian Chan – Flute
Joanna Wan – Piano



Claude Debussy – Nuit d étoiles
George Bizet – Pastel
Franz Schubert-Du Bist die Ruh D776
George Frideric Handel Riccardo primo Agitato da fierce tempeste
Alban Berg -Die Nachtigall ( selected from Sieben Frühe lieder)
Richard Strauss -Beim Schlafengehen
Gustav Mahler- Ich bin set Welt abhanden gekommen
Ricard Richard -Strauss Morgen


Carl Reinecke Concerto in D op283
Benjamin Britten The Ash Grove

Where words fail, music speaks. While we recall the impactful sentiments lying in the sung lines of vocal classics, it is equally mesmerising for syntaxes to be replaced with sheer notes. Flutist Brian Chan is offering his solo instrumental renditions of an amicable collection of romantic vocal works by Debussy, Schubert and Mahler, among others.



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